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Instant Planner Features  

Space Planning

InstantPlanner® challenges the material handling industry’s traditional use of CAD software for space planning.
Generic graphical product components and easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality allow the user to create a space plan in just a few minutes. If the drawing needs to be modified, this can be done by simply replacing the components. The software automatically takes care of  changing the resulting documentation and calculations!
Instant Calculations
During the planning process a bill of material is updated and created automatically, which makes it quick and easy to calculate the price. It is also possible for the user to add information such as freight and installation cost, discounts etc. in the calculation dialog of InstantPlanner®
If a Product Database is being used, the price calculations can be performed automatically.
Instant 2D & 3D
When the layout drawing is completed, a photo realistic 3D image is automatically generated.
Product Database

ISS would build a complete library of your company products including accessories and components.

This allows the user to design the warehouse space using correct product databases of selective pallet racks and shelving systems and by entering the desired parameters within the pick list.

By using these databases, the price calculations are made automatically. It can also be made possible to use the product databases by another InstantPlanner® user, so that the library products can be filtered through smoothly and effectively through to the Ordering System of the company.

In addition to selective pallet racks and shelving systems, InstantPlanner® also includes conveyors, vehicles, machines, drawing modules and more!
InstantPlanner® gives you the possibility to:
save all documents (layout drawing, bill of material, quotation) in   PDF format
export price calculations to Microsoft Excel and XML
import product data from Microsoft Excel files
perform imports and exports of AutoCAD DWG/DXF files
save 3D images in JPEG and TIFF format
import 3D objects (3ds and binary STL files)
New features and components are added every 6 months within the software, this is mainly from the wish list provided by the users.
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