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We have a dedicated team of space planners, interior designers and CAD technicians who will offer our clients worldwide coverage and can provide assistance in:
Space Planning
Interior Design
Design Study
Furniture Design and Advice
Using variety of latest software, we can produce quality which is second to none.
Interior Solutions is an expanding and award-winning 3D design studio which uses revolutionary 3D aspects to assist innovative marketing for the commercial, residential, retail, industrial, healthcare, education and public sectors.
We combine creative and technical expertise which can bring to life even the most complex sites or projects.
We offer four main services:
Document Scanning
Large Format Scanning
Book Scanning
Microfilm Scanning
3D Animations are transforming the way any sector is designed, presented and sold.
The results are very accurate and hence provide the client with a tool to develop and showcase their design ideas in a visually stunning way.
We use a variety of 3D software applications combined with an in-house expert team to create strong and reliable partnerships with our clients.
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